Virtual Reality Comes to Time Lapse

Time Lapse Escape Rooms is excited to announce the addition of our new virtual reality escape room experiences.

Initially we are offering 3 – 10 minute escape room vr experiences never seen before in Winnipeg. These are individual game experiences that your group can take turns sharing. Find out who in your group will have the best time and who will look the most ridiculous. Recording and sharing your experience is welcomed.


Geist Manor –  A creepy and terrifying room that will send shivers down your spine. Escape Geist Manor or forever become a permanent zombie resident.

Subject X – Abduction – Feel what it is like to be abducted by aliens. Find your way to freedom before you become a terrifying alien experiment. Please be advised that in this room you must crawl your way to freedom.

Lost Legends – The Pharoah’s Tomb – Sealed in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb, you must find your way to the surface before you perish from an agonizing suffocating death.


Our VR room is booked by the half hour. The rate is $20.00 per half hour time slot including all taxes. We recommend booking one half hour time slot per member of your group if you wish to experience all 3 rooms.

Call 204-487-2262 to book your totally immersive virtual reality escape room experience today.